Frequently ask question ?

1.  I am facing an issue with website / app how can I get assistance?

  • Please write to us at with all the details

  • 2.  How can I add videos and products?

  • You can send your Video and Products at and our team will assist you with tagging part .

  • 3. Do I have to pay for adding Videos and Products?

  • Yes , you can select the campaign type once you receive the dashboard access from our executive. You can have various type of Campaigns like : pay per click , pay per sale , pay per impression etc.

  • 4.  Can I show Toch Videos on my website and mobile app ?

  • Yes , you can register and download the SDKs for both mobile and website to list Toch videos.

  • 5. How can I earn V-Points ?

  • You can earn V-Points by viewing the videos and referring your friends .

  • 6.  Where can I use my V-Coins?

  • You can redeem your V-Coins in the app and web itself at the time of purchasing .

  • 7. How money will debit from my account if I start campaign ?

  • You will ask to add your payment information and the same will be debited from your account every month .

  • 8. How frequent will I get the V-Coins?

  • Every new user will get a V-point for watching the video for the first time.