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Welcome to the world's First Interactive Video Shopping Platform- Toch.

Toch introduces you to the world of shoppable videos.

Now video shop directly while watching latest fashion video, movie trailers, and your favorite music video, that’s not all, you can discover the location you always craved for while watching the video and book your holiday.

Discover and get inspired in 3 easy steps:

1. Select the shoppable Video from our curated library

2. Watch the video and touch on the item you like.

3. View the details with similar product details and complete look option. Select and proceed to purchase checkout.

Toch it, own it. All your fashion and travel inspiration needs are looked after here. What’s more? We will be introducing sports buying live soon too!

What’s More the technology could be used by brands, designers and bloggers, to create an unparalled video shoppable experience.

Toch introduce shoppable blogs and shoppable videos, which will help to reach out to a rich pool of followers & enthusiasts. With video shopping, you can increase your reach & monetize user behavior. With our patented SDK integration on app, mobile and web, it will make Toch your go-to space.

Since, great work deserves great audience, however, in a world that is cluttered by so much, how do you make that happen? With shoppable videos!

To know more, reach out to us at: hello@mytoch.com

Give the user, the experience of shoppable videos, for the first time ever!

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